2 thoughts on “Ford Third Member 9 Inch Rears

  1. Vito Panza

    Dales Rod Shop purchased my 3:50 Posi-Traction 9″rear from you approx. Oct-2013
    Questions for you:
    What is the break-in period for this rear?
    The rear seems to be tight, sometimes feels like the brakes are dragging slightly although they are not.
    Is this common?
    I found a tag with specs for the rear along with the paper work from Dales Rod Shop.
    There was also a business card attached with T.J. Reberts name on it.

    Thank You.
    Vito Panza
    cell: 732-241-4444

  2. Mike Fogarasi

    Started Drag racing this year, First time out broke the rear in my 1973 Ford Maverick. I called Al at 8 & 9. He was straight up and went out of his way to make sure I would be happy. We had some bumps in the road with my purchase ( I would say because of my lack of knowledge ) but Al got it all straightened out and made me a happy customer. I will recommend 8 & 9 to every one


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